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Elemental includes 5 different theme styles in 5 sizes, from 800×600, to 1920×1080. Just choose a color and size and you’re all set

Water, Wind, Earth and Fire. Elemental for Keynote ’09 brings the rich colors of our world into your presentations

We know how hard it is to choose a presentation template these days. Elemental follows our mantra of “simple is better.” Whether it be a business or personal presentation, sometimes all the fluff just gets in the way.

Elemental was created to use rich gradients and watermarks to showcase your content, not ours.

Clean layouts, large photo placeholders and the ultra-clean HelveticaNeue Light font means your presentations won’t simply look like every other Keynote file out there.

With the included extras file (filled with little graphical goodies you can use in your own presentations) and the notated demo file, Elemental gets you up and running much faster than a stock theme.

Elemental Extras


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Elemental is built for Keynote ’09 or higher

Buy Galleria NowElemental is built for Keynote ’09 or higher
Keynote for iPad?

Apple recently introduced Keynote for the iPad. Keynote users everywhere were wondering, will my custom themes work on my new iPad? The answer is yes and no.

The simple answer is that yes, you can move your Keynote files over to the iPad, and they work just fine (with a few features stripped out, see this page for more info).

What Keynote for the iPad doesn’t allow though, is for you to install custom themes on the iPad. Instead, if you want access to every master slide in a theme, you need to first create a new Keynote file from your mac based on the theme (in this case, Elemental), and then create a new slide for each and every master slide in the theme.

The Elemental themes each contain 20 masters (including blanks), so you’d create a file with 20 slides, and apply 1 master to each slide.

Once you do this, you can move this file to your iPad, and then make a “duplicate” each time you want to use this theme. You can even dress up the first slide of the file so that it shows as a preview on your iPad (say, with the title of the theme such as Elemental Water).

Here’s a tutorial we found on The Mobile Presenter that might help more.

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No theme would be complete without lots of master slides. Each Elemental theme comes with 20 different master slides, and you can duplicate masters and edit them to make your own. Click the button above to view the included slide layouts.

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