Yeah, it’s another “where have we been?” post
Opinions & Thoughts / Sunday, March 13, 2011

First of all, I assure you, isn’t going anywhere. It’s just that it’s maintained at the moment by me and only me. In the last year I have #1 Sold my house in Ohio, #2 moved to Central Pennsylvania, #3 Attended a ministry school with my wife, #4 worked part time at the school doing graphic design (mostly to get a discount on tuition), #5 Taken the family on a 2 month long tour across the US with a team of people to fundraise for our ministry in Brazil (I play drums in the worship band, as well as do all the tech work), #6 returned to Ohio for a month while saving up money to move yet again, #7 Moved the family to Harrisburg, PA, #8 got a full time job as the web guy at the ministry that runs the school I attended last year.

iPhone questions: Some answered
Blog , Opinions & Thoughts / Sunday, July 1, 2007

We’ve been using our iPhone over the weekend with EDGE, WiFi, and voice and are, on the whole, pleased with the experience. The iPhone is one of those devices that you get and then, since it’s so easy to use, you spend most of your time thinking about how cool the future can be with this as a starting point. Just yesterday, I came up with three business ideas that center on the idea of a fast, WiFi enabled device in the hands and pockets of a fairly well-heeled populace.

iPhone questions: Not Yet Answered
Blog , Opinions & Thoughts / Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Each day is bringing us closer to the release of the iPhone. And with each day, there’s a little more info coming out including today’s release of the rate plans. There’s no doubt that the decision to purchase has already been made by many and there are those that are still waiting for more details. However, there are a few specifics that I think are so far under the radar, that they’re not going to get the QuickTime introduction treatment or even a bullet point on the website. Here’s a list of a few things, some supposedly a given with no specific information and some that haven’t been mentioned anywhere. Even after we pick up an iPhone on Friday, some may still remain unclear, but these are what we’re looking for.