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Saturday, June 18, 2011

We feel terrible that we didn’t get on this bandwagon at the start, but those of you interested still have a day to get involved.

ProfCast Mobile is an app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that will allow you to create, give, and record presentations from your iOS device.

From the Kickstart Project page:

In January 2010, we released a cool little app called SonicPics that lets you create and narrate custom photo slide shows.  It’s great for digital story telling and people really like it too, but it isn’t a full presentation app that you could use for, say a board meeting or a lecture. That’s what we want to build with ProfCast Mobile.

ProfCast Mobile builds on the foundation of SonicPics, but adds full presentation creation and editing capabilities.  This includes the ability to have animated transitions, add text, shapes, photos and change the layout and theme of your slides.  Animated transitions will help dazzle your audience.  Once your presentation is created, you can give it directly from your iPad or iPhone using ProfCast Mobile.  Use the video out capability and the Apple Digital AV Adapter (sold separately) to connect your iPad to your HDTV or projector. Even better, you can record your presentation as you give it.  Share your narrated presentation on your web site, via email or on YouTube, all from your iOS device!

If you’ve ever used ProfCast to record your Keynote projects, you may want to jump over to the Kickstarter Project page and pledge your support!

ProfCast Mobile Kickstarter Project

Also, here’s a link to a Youtube Video describing the project: