Looking for Keynote themes? Check out our Resource page!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Since I’ve grossly neglected posting over the last month or two, I thought I’d highlight our Resources page. On it you can find useful links to a large number of Keynote theme sites. Yes, we’d love for you to buy our commercial themes (see the ad in the right side bar) but honestly, people’s needs and tastes vary greatly, and we only offer a few themes. There are literally hundreds of themes out there from the various companies, and if you’re looking for something specific, you’ll likely find it on one of those sites.

We’ve broken the page into sections, so you can easily find Themes, Wireframing toolkits, support, tutorials, and other odds and ends. We’d suggest visiting each site and viewing all the demo movies and samples they post. The prices vary, but even the most expensive themes are a great deal (especially compared to some PowerPoint template prices!). Some themes (like ours for instance) come with extras and sample files which you can use to spice up your own files.

Also, don’t be afraid of buying a theme that doesn’t quite fit the bill and modifying it to your needs. Our themes are built with flexibility in mind, and most of the other companies do the same. You can also contact the theme maker and ask for help. Usually they will give you tips or even modify a template (within reason) for you. Some of them also offer full custom services (at custom prices of course). This can be anything from adding your logo to a commercial theme, to a full, one of a kind, custom design.

So, support these small businesses (and the Keynote community on the whole) buy visiting the theme makers and resources on our Resources page, and tell them you heard about them from Keynote.com.

Click here to visit our Resources page.

Oh, if you know of a site that we haven’t listed, feel free to use our contact form and send us a link. We’ll try to post it right away.