Yeah, it’s another “where have we been?” post

Sunday, March 13, 2011

First of all, I assure you, isn’t going anywhere. It’s just that it’s maintained at the moment by me and only me. In the last year I have #1 Sold my house in Ohio, #2 moved to Central Pennsylvania, #3 Attended a ministry school with my wife, #4 worked part time at the school doing graphic design (mostly to get a discount on tuition), #5 Taken the family on a 2 month long tour across the US with a team of people to fundraise for our ministry in Brazil (I play drums in the worship band, as well as do all the tech work), #6 returned to Ohio for a month while saving up money to move yet again, #7 Moved the family to Harrisburg, PA, #8 got a full time job as the web guy at the ministry that runs the school I attended last year.

So, between my freelance joomla projects through The Peat Group, and my full time job at (that terrible website by the way, is on the list of things to get completely replaced with a Joomla solution this year) and just managing life… has sat here dormant. I have several press releases that should have run last month which I hope to post later today. Things just get a head of me and then all of a sudden I have 3 or 4 stories that are months late. I have to wonder what the other theme makers think when they see that, yet again, I haven’t posted their stories of new theme releases.

Anyway, all that to say, I haven’t forgotten about this site. I have big plans for it in the future, I just have to find the time to do it. I need to overhaul the site theme (hoping to use a customize theme from the team at RocketTheme) and I have to build a companion Joomla site for the store to get it off my company site (always confuses people when they get sent to a completely different site to make their purchases). The plan is to use a “subscription” type system, so purchases would be treated as a non-expiring “subscription” that you can then log in ANY time in the future and download. They won’t be true subscriptions (because you only ever pay once for each product) but the system is more flexible than a regular shopping cart.

So, I’d like to thank my faithful readers and visitors who I’m sure check the site every so often wondering why there seems to never be anything new around here. Trust me, it bugs me as much as it bugs you (maybe more).

Lastly, I’d like to put a call out to anyone who is a serious Keynote fan who might like to be a part of a team who would maintain the site so I don’t have to. I can’t offer you anything in pay except free themes and the chance to get free review copies of software that’s related to Keynote (as long as you post a review of it). It’s possible if the site grows again and I get more income from it, I can start paying a staff to keep up on it (and I’m thinking of expanding it into instead of just

So there it is. Hopefully the future will be full of new and cool things for this site, I hope those of you who haven’t given up on it will stick around till I get through this low spot.


-Brian Peat, Creator of