Apple updates iWork for iPad to 1.2

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Apple on wednesday released much needed updates to all the iWork apps for the iPad. Keynote especially got a whole bundle of new functions, the most needed being the ability to export to PPT and the ability to share files to and from an iDisk or any server running WebDAV.

Here’s the complete list from Apple for Keynote for iPad 1.2:

  • Export presentations to Microsoft PowerPoint (.PPT) format.
  • Copy presentations between Keynote and your MobileMe iDisk or a WebDAV service.
  • Support for audio in builds when importing Keynote ’09 presentations.
  • Ability to group and ungroup objects.
  • Add animated builds to grouped objects.
  • Lens Flare, Spin and Wipe build animations.
  • Revolving Door, Swoosh and Wipe slide transition animations.
  • Improved slide size conversion when importing Keynote ’09 presentations.
  • Import and export Keynote ’09 tables with image background fills in cells.
  • Improved export of tables with customized borders.
  • Improved font matching when importing Keynote ’09 or Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.
  • Improved creation and editing of web hyperlinks.
  • Improved text options for tables including font, size and color settings for individual cells.
  • Improved usability and reliability when sharing presentations with public beta.
  • Improved reliability when importing presentations with large images.
  • Improved reliability when importing and exporting presentations with overlapping objects.
  • Improved reliability and performance when importing Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

Pages and Numbers were also updated.

You can find out more details on each of the products iTunes pages, which we’ve linked for you here.

Keynote 1.2 for iPad

Pages 1.2 for iPad

Numbers 1.2 for iPad

As in the past, all three apps sell for $9.99 and updates are free if you already own them.