Keynote Theme Park releases 360 Elements and Nation Elements

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Keynote Theme Park today is pleased to announce the release of their new 360 Elements and Nation Elements products.

360 Elements are looped QuickTime movies made with transparent background for use with OS X Keynote presentations. Each set includes isolated letters A-Z, 0-9 and six symbols centered within a ring that slowly rotate. Create dynamic title slides, headings, or place as animated bullets. Use to focus attention, such as illuminated letters to begin text passages or scale large and subtly fade into the background with reduced opacity. There are eight versions dependent on, black, white, the ring being in-line or opposed and rotation of the elements being synchronized with each other, or not. Each set is available for immediate download for $5.95 or 4 white or 4 black sets for $14.95 each.

Nation Elements are a matched collection of “clipart” type items for each nation of the world. At some point, every presenter will need to relate information best displayed on the basis of nationality. Nation Elements allows you to add the graphic touches to any Keynote presentation in a consistent way. No longer will you collect uncoordinated elements from numerous sources and have the work end up in a visual shambles.

Nation Elements began a few years ago with Nations Americas, then Asia and Europe, now Africa has been added to finish the project. Plus the free download of Oceania is available. Oceania completes the world and also allows users to check out the product before purchasing.

Each nation slide includes the national flag, a flag version rendered in the popular reflective sphere, location maps that consist of up to six isolated elements (can be broken apart and customized to your needs). National border shapes that take a Keynote fill, stroke and shadow. Plus national symbols such as coats of arms or other significant national icons. Just copy and paste elements into your presentations. Collections are introduced with 35 slides of tips and examples to help you create great slides. The elements can also be brought into Pages and Numbers.

Pricing and Availability:
Each set is available for immediate download for $39.95 (USD). Or all together, Africa, Americas, Asia and Europe for $99.95. Demo movies on the product pages show many varied uses and the flexibility of these products.

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