Where the heck have we been?

Friday, September 25, 2009

You may have noticed over the last month or so that our site has been pretty quiet. Press releases have either been posted late or not at all (we’re late on two theme releases right now that we’ll try to post soon). Let me first assure you we’re not going anywhere, and I’ll explain why the site has been so quiet.

I (Brian Peat) run the site in my spare time with the help of Ken Drake. Neither of us have very much free time these days, and mine in particular has just been drastically reduced. As of the beginning of September, my wife Jen and I moved from our comfy (and safe) home near Columbus, Ohio and moved to a tiny town in Pennsylvania (McConnellsburg if you’re interested) to be near some friends of ours, and to attend a ministry school in Mechanicsburg, PA. I closed down my Mac Consulting business of 11 years and we’re selling our house. We’ll be going to school until early 2011, after which we’ll be moving to Brazil to be missionaries (our friends are headed down about this time next year to get things started).

As crazy as it sounds, we’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while. The plan is to open a center in Curitiba, Brazil that will be a safe haven for the prostitutes, homeless, drug addicts, etc. It will be safe and welcoming center, not a place of condemnation. I won’t go into more detail here because I know some of our readers are touchy about religion, but I will say this…our goal will be to share love and to support those who want or need help, not to force some agenda down their throats in a time of need. Love, support and no strings.

Anyway, you won’t see any more posts about this on the site, but I just wanted to share just a bit of my private life with our readers. If you want to find out more about the ministry, check out www.shoresofgrace.com (we’ll be adding more Brazil info to the site soon). You can find info on me and my wife Jen on the staff page for now.

Thanks, and now back to your regular scheduled Keynote news.