Apple updates iWork to 9.0.2

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Several days ago (yeah, we know, it’s a late post) Apple updated iWork to 9.0.2. We’d post a lot of info about it, only all Apple says is

This update improves reliability when saving some iWork documents and when playing some presentations more than once per Keynote session. 

This update is recommended for all users of iWork ’09.
One BIG issue we hope is fixed is the tendency for Keynote 09 to destroy files. There are several threads on the Apple forums of folks reporting that sometimes they’ll go to open a file and Keynote will tell them it’s not valid. We do know that if your file is already broken, this update won’t fix it, but maybe it’ll keep anyone else from losing anything new.
The iWork 9.0.2 update is available through Software update, or you can grab it here: