theme site launches

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Metal ThemeIt’s been a while since a brand new Keynote theme site has appeared on the scene, so we were surprised to get a notice of this one in our in-box today. was launched recently, offering several professional themes for sale. currently offers 5 new themes, available in standard or HD formats.

Metal is a high tech brushed metal theme that includes several animated “transitions” that you can place on your slides as openers or closers (they aren’t true Keynote transitions because, sadly, Keynote doesn’t support third party transitions). Corporate is a blue theme built for business oriented presentations. R&W (Red & Wine) is a based on a rich, red gradient background with forced Black and White photos (didn’t know you could do that with an image placeholder did you!). Rounded is a Brightly colored theme build on a series of rounded boxes that break up the slide into sections (very similar to Keystation from KeynotePro), and since the shapes are native Keynote objects, you can easily recolor this theme to your liking. Paper rounds out their collection with a papyrus paper background and a crisp clean old world look.

Keynote Zone themes are available for download at and are priced starting from $16 for Standard versions and starting from $20 for HD versions.