K09 Tip: Fix the “Not enough memory” Quicktime export error

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We spend a lot of time on the Apple discussions and this particular thread regarding an error when exporting to QuickTime recently surfaced. Users have been getting this error:

  • error -108 There is not enough disk space or there is a problem with the file.

User ericrmyers finally got a fix from AppleCare:

“In your home folder, open the library folder. Find the caches folder and drag it to the trash. Then go to the preferences folder and find the com.apple.iWork.Keynote.plist file and drag it to the trash. Restart your computer, and empty the trash. Like magic it fixed my problem with no re-dos of the files or turning off the all keyframes option. Apparently the preferences/cache files from iWork 08 can seriously screw up the new iWork 09.”

We’re hoping this is all that’s needed for this particular bug…it sure is annoying to create a huge presentation only to be stuck when you go to export it.