SlideShare now supports Keynote 09 files

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SlideShareSlideShare, the online presentation sharing site, has announced their support for Keynote 09 files. Users can now upload their 09 files and have them converted into an interactive flash presentation that can be shared with others. 

Currently embedded movies aren’t supported (though there’s a neat trick that allows you to embed YouTube vids instead), and judging by comments in the SlideShare Blog, they’re currently having issues with comments coming over correctly. Still, this seems to be a great tool to get your presentation out to the masses.

In the past Keynote users have had to convert their beautiful slides to PPT or even PDF to get them onto the SlideShare site. On top of that, even if SlideShare had supported Keynote before this, the .key file is a strange beast and would break when uploaded or emailed.

With Keynote 09, Apple realized that they had an issue with files based on the “package” format, which is what Keynote uses. A Package is basically a folder that appears as a real file. Many of you have learned the hard way that you can’t simply post or email a package file-it ends up breaking and turning into a run of the mill folder.

Apple added a function to Keynote 09 that transparently zips the package without the user even seeing it happen. Because of this new feature end users don’t have to go through the extra step of zipping their Keynote files when they post them to sites such as SlideShare, or even email them to others (there is also an option to turn off this zip format-see this article)

The biggest drawback we see to using SlideShare is that you lose all your effects, so if you really want to publish your presentation in all its shining glory, we suggest you use the QuickTime export instead and post that to something like YouTube (make sure you use their new high quality option) Vimeo or BlipTV. You could always post it to both, just to get the word out.

And if you’re hoping (as we are) that SlideShare adds full video capabilities down the road, visit their blog and add your comments. After all, there’s a reason we use Keynote over PowerPoint!