K09 Tip: Where did Web View go?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

If you used the last few versions of Keynote, you might have used Web View to display a static image of a web page that would update itself each time you opened the file. You were probably as surprised as we were to find it completely missing from Keynote 09.

The really weird thing is, someone on the Apple Discussions discovered that the XML file in Keynote still supports Web View, and if you open a Keynote 08 file that has a Web View item placed on a slide, it not only works in 09…you can change the url in 09 using the Hyperlink Inspector. Even the “Update automatically” option still works!

We’re not sure if Apple will leave this working, but since it does work, we figured we’d do those of you without a copy of Keynote 08 a favor and post a Keynote 08 file with a Web View object placed in it. Simply copy and paste this into your Keynote 09 presentation and change the url in the Hyperlink Inspector and you’re all set.

Download the Web View Keynote 08 file