Welcome to the New and Improved Keynoteuser.com

Friday, January 30, 2009

As you can see, things look quite a bit different around here. We’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.7 and switched the site over to 100% wordpress. In the past, the front page was a badly hacked together html page with the wordpress engine patched into the center of it. WordPress was then stuck in a sub folder (called /news/). The whole thing was messy. We’ve moved the whole wordpress engine up to the main level, and thanks to some special server changes, any link that used to go to /news/ now goes to the top level. It’s all rather slick.

We’ve got more changes coming, and you can see some parts aren’t finished (like the ad block on the right side of the page). Our freebies section is still a work in progress, mostly because there aren’t any really good download managers for WordPress. We’re trying to decide if we should just make freebies a category and link to a category page, or actually install a download manager and try to get it looking nice.

Feel free to post comments, but be nice 🙂 We chose a premade theme, and the wood grain just seemed to go well with the whole “Keynote’s logo is a wooden podium” feel. If there was a page you liked that has been removed, comment on it here. We do plan to put up some of the old stuff (redone of course) but much of the old reviews and tips were REALLY old. The support area is being moved to our parent site (www.thepeatgroup.com) since that’s where the theme store resides. It should make things easier for people purchasing themes.

Anyway, have a look around and tell us what you think!