K09 Tip: What happened to the package format?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

If you’ve already moved up to iWork 09, you may have noticed something interesting: The default .key file format is no longer a package. For most users, this isn’t a big deal. For some though, this means you can’t crack open the package and copy out raw source files or mess with the XML file.

Thankfully, Apple say fit to give us an option. If you visit the Keynote prefs panel and General tab, you’ll see a new item called “Save new documents as packages.”

If you check this box, any new documents you create will automatically be saved in the old package format. If you’ve already created files with this preference off, it appears that simply doing a Save As doesn’t resave as a package. We found we had to create a new file (it’s best to use the same theme too) and then drag all the slides from the old document to the new one. Once we saved the new document, it was correctly created as a package file.

One a side note, those of you using Stage Hand to control your presentations from your iPhone will NEED to do this trick or Stage Hand won’t be able to find the presentations. We tested this and were able to use Stage Hand with Keynote 09 once our presentations were saved as packages (Stage Hand has since been updated to fix this issue).

UPDATE: Now that SlideShare.net supports Keynote 09 files, it’s likely that it ONLY supports the new zipped format. If you’re planning on sharing files online, we suggest NOT turning on the package format. If you need to crack open a package, you can add .zip to the end of the file name (name.key.zip) and double click it. Your file will be magically unzipped and you’ll be left with a .key package (make sure it ends with .key or it will break and turn into a plain folder).