Keynote 09 features

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We’ve just fired up the iWork 09 trial and are working through things we’ve found.

The quick list for now is:

  • Theme selector looks a bit different, and you can now scrub the slide layouts. It’s still not as handy as something like the Pages selector, but at least the scrubbing is nice. You can also resize the thumbnails up to 360×270 (we cracked open Keynote and checked. The downer is, this makes all 3rd party themes look blurry in the previews)
  • New Inspector icons, slightly more…puffy
  • Ability to require a password to open the file (this was a good idea in conjunction with
  • Magic Move. This moves an object from ONE slide onto the next slide
  • New Flash Bulbs object build
  • New Text Transitions text on one slide into text on the next (Anagram, Shimmer, Sparkle, Swing)
  • New Object effects appear to wipe all objects from a slide and then transitions seamlessly to the next slide (Object Push, Object Zoom, Perspective, Revolve)
  • New object builds Flash Bulbs and Lens Flare
  • New chart builds (Crane, Radial, Rotate, Rotate & Grow, Z Axis)
  • New text align option for tables that puts numbers on the left and text on the right (we’re not sure how it works yet)
  • Advanced Gradient fills. FINALLY. Multiple colors and radials.
  • New Lines function-looks like they pulled a few of the fancy lines out of the picture frame function and into the Lines function.
  • Up to 5 Header and Footer rows in tables (08 only had 1)
  • Tables do not have Advanced Gradient fill
  • New Cell formats (Duration, Numeral System and Custom)
  • At least 2 new chart types (Mixed, 2-axis)
  • New connector object for flow charting (select 2 objects then choose insert Connection Line)
  • New rounded rectangle thought bubble shape
  • All chart types now show as sub drop down under Object menu in tool bar
  • New “Make Motion Path from Shape” function (select 2 shapes, one becomes the path, the other the object that moves on the path)
  • Copying and pasting a chart from a saved Numbers document to a Keynote document links it (we tested it!). Changes to the Numbers document are available for syncing only after the document is saved again.

New in the prefs:

  • Keynote files are no longer a package by default, you must choose that in the preferences (we assume this is so they upload properly to
  • Ability to show WYSIWYG font previews in format menu
  • New auto horiz and vertical grid lines every x pixels
  • New “show relative spacing” and “Show relative sizes” option for Object spacing and sizing
  • presenter display can now show Build markers. Little blue dots show how many builds and disappear when the build is complete
  • While it doesn’t appear in the prefs, the new Presenter Display has a hidden bar that sits at the top of the presenter screen. Bump the top and it drops. In it are a slide selector button, a black button, an options menu (with several options including customize the view) and a help button. Clicking the Slide selector drops down a scrollable row of your slides. Double clicking a slide hides the bar and triggers the slide. This is much nicer than the old selector (and larger too)
  • New Keynote Remote ability, ties in with .99 app in the App store. We bought it…for now, stick with StageHand, it’s WAY better, though it may not work with 09 yet)
  • Auto Correct now adds ability to “automatically use spell checker suggestions) and they made the symbol and text substitution box larger so more items show in it.
Other new things we’ve discovered:
  • You now have the option to save as a PPT file from the Save window, as well as the export window
  • New “Reduce File Size” option which dumps originals of things like photos if you’ve edited them. You can also choose to apply this to a single image to reduce it.
  • New “Show slide numbers on all slides” option
  • New Rehearse button you can add to the tool bar
  • New button you can add to the tool bar
  • New Connect button you can add to the tool bar (this is the flow chart shape connector line)
  • New Send To button/drop down you can add to the tool bar
  • New Play menu has been added. Play, Rehearse, Record have all been moved here from the View menu.
  • Customize Presenter display option has been added to the new Play menu, saving a trip to the prefs
  • New Share menu has been added, including connections to and all the send to options.
  • Export has been moved to the Share menu from the Edit menu
  • Option to reduce the file size of embedded audio files one at a time
We’ll add more as we find them (we’re sure there’s more in there)
So what’s missing?
  • Web View has been removed
  • Flash Export has been removed
  • Did Apple really leave the audio alone AGAIN? Still no multi-slide audio features?
  • Still can’t have text links change color when they’ve been visited (a MUST HAVE feature for folks building Jeopardy games)
  • For those of us who build themes, there’s still no way to punch holes in a shape (to make custom overlays). Thankfully SVG2Key still exists, and for most things, regular masks and media placeholders still work fine.
  • We suspect no QT VR support still (it’s likely we’ll never see that now)
  • No quarter circle arc tool