Apple announces iWork 09

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Apple announced the release of iWork 09 just a few minutes ago at the last annual Macworld Keynote address.

The highlights are:

Keynote 09:

  • Magic Move
  • Oject transitions
  • Text Transitons
  • Chart Animations
  • New Themes
  • New Keynote remote (gee, I wonder where Apple got that idea, StageHand maybe?)(We’ll be looking closely at the app when we get our hands on it to find out about ALL the new features) 

Pages 09:

  • Full screen display
  • Dynamic Outlines
  • Mail Merge with Numbers
  • Mathtype and Endnote integration
  • 40 New Themes

Numbers 09:

  • New Table Categories
  • 250 functions (with function view)
  • Advanced chart options (including error bars, lets hope Keynote has this too)
  • Pasting a chart into pages links it back to the original (yeah!)

iWork and iLife 09 require Leopard, so Apple is selling a whole boxed pack for $169 with iLife, iWork and Leopard in it. Too bad they don’t have one with just iWork and iLife.

As always, upgrades are $79, or $99 for a family pack.



From the read me file that comes with the free trial:

Keynote ’09 

Stunning presentations in minutes

  • More than 40 Apple–designed themes with coordinated text, tables, and charts (8 New)
  • Slide navigator
  • Reviewer comments
  • Format bar for text, tables, graphics, and charts
  • 2D and 3D charts with amazing textures and animations


Easy–to–use graphics tools

  • Alignment and spacing guides and rulers
  • Instant Alpha for image background removal
  • Shapes and freeform Bézier curves 
  • Image masks with basic and custom shapes 
  • iLife Media Browser


Amazing animations

  • Magic Move for one–click animations (New)
  • Text and object driven transitions (New)
  • Text and object build animations
  • Move, rotate, scale, and opacity builds
  • Smart Builds with drop zones for images


Flexible ways to deliver presentations

  • Presenter view with notes, timer, ready to advance, and next screen displays
  • Control your presentation with iPhone/iPod touch using Keynote Remote (sold separately through the App Store)
  • Interactive slideshows for kiosks
  • Record narration and timing
  • Send to iWeb, GarageBand, and iTunes
  • File size optimization (New)



  • Import and export Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
  • Import AppleWorks presentation documents
  • Import and export other common formats
  • Send presentations via Mail (New)
  • Send presentations to iWeb


Pages ’09

Streamlined word processing

  • Format bar for text, tables, graphics, and charts
  • Customizable paragraph, character, and list styles
  • Section, layout, and page breaks


Advanced writing tools

  • Full screen view (New)
  • Outline Mode (New)
  • Integration with MathType 6 and EndNote X2 (sold separately)
  • Change tracking and reviewer comments
  • Mail merge with Address Book and Numbers tables
  • Automatic table of contents
  • Spellchecker and proofreader
  • Page navigator and search view


Great–looking documents in minutes

  • More than 180 templates from letters to newsletters (40 New)
  • iLife Media Browser
  • 3D charts with realistic textures
  • Powerful tables


Powerful page layout mode

  • Freeform graphics canvas
  • Link text across multiple text boxes
  • Text wraps around graphics



  • Import and export Microsoft Word documents
  • Import AppleWorks word processing documents
  • Send documents via Mail (New)
  • Send documents to iWeb


Numbers ’09

Powerful and familiar spreadsheets

  • Easy formula writing
  • More than 250 functions (100 New)
  • 2D and 3D charts
  • Linked charts (New)
  • Format bar for text, tables, graphics, and charts


Innovative, intelligent tables

  • Multiple, resizable tables on a canvas
  • Readable cell names in formulas
  • Table categories (New)
  • Footer rows for summary calculations
  • Tools for sorting and filtering tables
  • Checkboxes and sliders in cells 


Impressive results in minutes

  • Freeform canvas to arrange tables, graphics, and charts
  • iLife Media Browser
  • Interactive print view
  • Customizable tables styles
  • 30 templates for home, work and school use (12 New)



  • Import and export Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Import AppleWorks spreadsheets
  • Import and export other common formats
  • Drag and drop Address Book contacts
  • Send spreadsheets via Mail (New)
  • Send spreadsheets to iWeb


System requirements

A Mac computer with an Intel, PowerPC G5, or PowerPC G4 (500MHz or faster) processor
512MB of RAM (1GB recommended)
32MB of video memory
Mac OS X v10.4.11, or Mac OS X v10.5.6 or later
QuickTime 7.5.5 or later


1.2GB of available disk space
DVD drive required to install