Les looks at Let’s Rock

Friday, September 12, 2008

Over at Les Posen’s Presentation Magic blog, he takes a look at the “Let’s Rock” presentation Steve jobs gave on September 9th. While many were looking specifically to see what new goodies Apple has in store for the holidays, those of us who follow Keynote’s developments know that Steve is actively beta testing Keynote each time he’s on stage. He’ll usually show off something new that our copy of Keynote can’t do, and this event was no exception.

Here’s a a list of things that were noticed (with links to downloadable clips that jump right to that section of the presentation… you must be connected to the internet to stream the clips).

Lens Flare build — download movie
It’s like the Comet build in that it zooms across the screen and will likely have the same Right to Left and Left to Right build direction settings.

Points of Light build — download movie
It’s a little like the very end of the Shimmer effect where the white spots pop in just before it’s finished. Remove everything but those white spots, then make the white spots larger, and you get this build. Will likely have a directional component (left, right, up, down) unlike Shimmer.

3D Swoosh build — download movie
This build was used on a 3D chart. It looks like the same sort of action used in the current Swoosh build, only in 3D.

New Flip — download movie
In this build, the text flipped then hung, one after another. While this COULD have direction options, it’d look really strange flipping upward (much like the Fall transition didn’t have a fall UP) or left and right. The options on this one may be limited to by character, by word, by paragraph and by object.

Here’s a couple more that COULD be new, variants of current transitions, or very meticulous presentation creation.

Letter Shift — download movie
You’ll see in this one that certain letters and numbers stay and become a part of the next word or number. This would be great to see as a new build, but it could also be dissolves combined with motion paths.

NEW Old Flip — download movie
This is most likely the current Flip Smart Build with the Scale set to 100%. There’s also a way to recreate this using the regular Flip transition, but you have to use a Shape with the build set to “by Letter”.

Pie Slide — download movie
When analyzing another version of Keynote S, we saw grouped pie slices. Those were indeed “neat” but they could be done by using Preview and some creative cropping. This time, we see pie slices dissolving from nothing and building in to join the other slices. This also might be done with motion paths and cropping out separate slices of a pie chart if it wasn’t for this part.

download movie

Here, you’ve got the final slice from Microsoft moving in. The other slices built in front of the large iPod slice. If these were 2D fakes, the iPod piece would be under Other and Other would be under Sandisk. But, when Microsoft comes in, it’s in front of Sandisk as expected but behind iPod. If Sandisk is two layers over iPod and Microsoft three layers over iPod, Microsoft can’t also be behind iPod. However, since the only part that goes behind iPod is the dark orange shading, this could be two separate masked objects building in together, one in front of Sandisk, the other behind iPod. I’m crossing my fingers that it’s another new feature.

When Steve wants a new transition or build to show off new products during his presentations, we benefit in two ways. One, those features usually end up in a shipping version of iWork somewhere down the road and two, they make sure the cameras get a good shot of the screen during those parts of the presentation so we get a sneak peak at the current state of Keynote S!