Long overdue updates

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yes folks, it’s me, the long lost creator of this site. I haven’t bloged in a LONG time, but I’m finally back in the swing of things on the site. Besides a few news stories here and there (which Ken has mostly been taking care of) the site really hasn’t been updated. Today I upgraded the news engine to WordPress 2.6 and fixed some glitches in the look of the news pages. I also fixed the blog link so that it now simply links to a category listing (yeah!).

You’ll see other new things over the next month or so. I want to add a wordpress downloads page, so that the downloads are tracked. Right now that portion of the site is simply a hacked together HTML page. I also plan on dumping the old reviews into the wordpress system (and maybe removing the really old ones) and making that a category listing also.

I had originally planned to move the site to Joomla, and I may still do that, but for now, it’s staying as a WordPress/HTML site. Eventually I’ll update the front page to a more modern look and get some of the side bar boxes automated with wordpress widgets (If I can get that working).

The last new item will really keep the site fresh. I joined the PRMac site and installed their news plugin into our site. That means I get press releases automatically, and they go into the drafts folder of the site. Now I can simply double check one, add an image to it and post it. That means you’ll finally see decent news at decent intervals on the site.

Thanks for sticking with us through all the dead times, we hope to not repeat that again!