iPhone 3G’s and Keynote packages

Friday, July 11, 2008

It’s taken some time to become available, but we’ve finally updated our iPhone to version 2. Of course, the first thing we tried was viewing Keynote documents as shown in the video. It does work, but there’s a minor problem to it that we describe below.

We emailed ourselves the Frames.key file as an example and took a screenshot (made by holding down the Home button then quickly pressing and releasing the power button)Viewing Keynote attachments. The top one was done by dragging the the file into Mail. Knowing how many mail systems aren’t savvy of iWork’s package format, your file is compressed before being sent, with .key.zip being it’s extension. As you see, it shows up as a tappable file and will open the presentation as expected.

In the second case, we first performed another function on the file that many users may do from habit when emailing packages… we right clicked and chose “Compress Frames.key”. This creates a zip file as well, but with an important difference, this file does NOT include a .key extension, so when you drag it into Mail, it becomes Frames.zip. As you see, this second file cannot be viewed on the iPhone.

The new functionality is great in that it gives us parity with the PowerPoint crowd (you could view .ppt files with the prior iPhone software). However, the package nature of iWork documents means that a little more care will need to be taken to ensure that recipients using iPhones loaded with the 2.0 software can view your content.