introduces PowerBlue 08

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

PowerBlue is proud to introduce our newest Keynote 08 theme, PowerBlue 08. With full HD (and even iPod/DVD) theme sizes, this is a huge upgrade. We’ve included 6 theme sizes in 6 layouts (36 actual theme files) and even a 1920×1200 size (this is the resolution of Apple’s 23″ screen and their highest res. MacBook Pro model).

In addition to the new sizes, PowerBlue 08 has been completely rebuilt to support Apple’s new Media Placeholder system, which allows you to move, resize or crop your photos. No more being locked into photo cutouts! Also new is the ability to edit the header and footer boxes on the included lecture layouts without having to visit the Master slides. Creating and editing lectures has never been easier. And now even the included timeline slides can be changed without editing the Master slide. You can move, resize or recolor the timeline bar any time you want.

PowerBlue 08 also includes more extras, an updated demo project and even more tutorials.

PowerBlue 08 is available now for $36.95 in our store
(current PowerBlue owners should have received an upgrade e-mail with a special discount coupon. If you didn’t receive one, just e-mail us at support @