MacBook Air: No remote?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

If you’ve ever given a presentation using one of the recent MacBooks, either the regular or Pro, you’ve found that the tiny included remote is perfect. Sure, it’s only IR but it’s slightly better than line-of-sight (the emitter is so strong, it sometimes appears to work around corners) and is a fine option to clicking your mouse. Well, the MacBook Air does have an IR port for full on Keynote (and Front Row) remote controlled goodness, but, as just one more thing-to-think-about, it doesn’t include a remote. That’s sold separately for $19.99.

While 20 bucks isn’t exactly going to break the bank (unless it’s coming after picking up a MacBook Air with the $999 SSD option), it’s just one more thing that highlights the fact that the Air is really meant to be an ultra thin companion to your current Mac; which, as long as it’s not a Pro, comes with a remote already (which is, incedentally, the same remote that comes with the iPod Universal Dock).