Leopard loves iWork 06

Monday, November 5, 2007

Over the last few days we’ve noticed a pattern with Leopard upgraders…many have complained that their old presentations no longer work in Keynote under Leopard. While there may actually be some strange compatibility issues, this one is most likely a very fixable bug in Leopard regarding iWork 06. If you have a copy of iWork 06 and iWork 08 on the same Leopard machine and you double click a .key file, you may find that Leopard launches Keynote 3 instead of Keynote 08 (v4). The best way to tell if this is happening is to watch your dock. If you see a blue podium bouncing in the dock, and NOT the new brown podium, you’ve been bit by the bug. The result is Keynote 3 trying to open a Keynote 4 file and telling you it can’t open it.

So what can you do to fix this? Well, normally, you can simply click on the .key file, choose Get Info from the File menu, and change the “Open with” setting to the correct copy of Keynote. Unfortunately, this is where the bug kicks in. In our tests, changing the default app did NOT stick, and in fact, if we hit the Change All… button, we could visibly see the setting switch BACK to Keynote 3 right before our eyes.

The solution was to rename Keynote in the iWork 06 folder to Keynote 3. Renaming it so that there weren’t two copies of an app called Keynote on the machine seemed to fix the problem right away (though you might find you still need to use the Get Info window to change the default Keynote app). We hope this tip will help some of you who might be experiencing this same problem.