Who’s at the podium?

Friday, November 2, 2007

iwork08.jpgWith Leopard, all of Apple’s apps have been endowed with much larger icon images. For now, it makes them look sharp in Cover Flow, but it’s certainly a nod towards future resolution independence. Performing a Cover Flow view on your Application folder will show that you can actually read the text on TextEdit. While it’s been known from prior developer builds what it says, it’s still nice to finally see it in action on my own screen (it’s the “Think Different” text).

As you’re Cover Flow-ing through, when you get to iWork ’08, you’ll see the blue recycled paper folder that’s now the default folder across the OS. Out of curiosity, I opened it to take a look at the new Keynote icon. As expected, it’s high resolution as well and looks quite nice. However, I found that the text on the sheet at the podium was no longer just a few indistinct lines. I could actually make out a few words, the first being “God”. Well, that’s enough to make ANYONE curious!

Since that sheet is not as large as TextEdit, the text is not as clear, but, using Google as my guide, I typed in the few words I could discern to see if it could find if this is some currently known text. Not only is it known text, I found that I should have known it! See, I download the free songs of the week every week from iTunes. Sure, in many cases, I may not even listen to them until they pop up in my random shuffle and many I may not even like, but I still find it a good free way to discover new music.

Yes, those words on the podium are lyrics and you can probably make out “God, I dreamed there was an angel” in the first line yourself. Googling that shows that the person giving the Q4 2008 report is none other than John Gallagher (and possibly the “Boys”). Even more fun, the reason I have the song is because it was one of the free downloads for Tuesday, January the 9th!