Keynote and Leopard, anything new?

Friday, October 26, 2007

We’re posting this link out here for us and the other Keynote users to post any differences they find between Keynote on Leopard and Keynote on Tiger. If you find anything, post it in the comments!

1) When using Command-Shift-4 to take a screenshot, it gives you a numerical readout right next to the icon of the X-Y value of the pixel you’re currently hovering over (hard to get a screenshot of that).

2) Also, if you follow Command-Shift-4 with pressing the space bar (to snap a window), it no longer grabs JUST the Window, it also captures an area bordering the window. This appears to be a result of the new shadows for 10.5 windows. Though it doesn’t capture the background, you will have to do a little more editing of your images if you ONLY want the window (Instant Alpha is great for this, one click cleans it up).
Incidentally, the snaps only the window, just as you’d expect.

3) The “Front Row” trick still works just as it did before, but, of course, now it has the “Apple TV” look.

4) Another thing you’ll like is the new voice in Leopard. Called “Alex”, it’s more natural sounding than all of the others AND if you install the Developer Tools, you get access to a nice little app called “Speech Synthesis Example”.
This app allows you to type what you want into the text area and, once you have it like you want it, you can then SAVE that spoken audio to an .aiff file. A great way to add explanatory spoken examples to your presentation.

5) If you like the mirroring look Apple uses for some of the images in their presentations, there’s another cool thing installing the Developer Tools gives you, a Quartz Composer image texture that utilizes a reflection gradient.
Just drop in the image you want, manually change the Y-rotation and you’ve got a mirrored image with the proper perspective! Another click to disable the black background and you can place it over whatever color background you like.

6) The problem with Hebrew/Arabic text posted here appears to be resolved when Keynote ’06 or ’08 is running on Leopard.