New site coming soon

Friday, August 24, 2007

Finally. It’s been a few years since the current site went live, and it’s starting to get pretty stale. It’s half old HTML stuff and half WordPress hacked so it runs inside a shell on the front page. It was a decent attempt at a real news site, but it needs work badly.

Enter Joomla. I’m currently redesigning the entire site in Joomla and it’s going to make this current site look well, as bad as it always has been. No more wacked out margins, no more pasted in html pages. It will be one unified, dynamic, searchable site. The old site won’t go away completely though, the news portion of it (the wordpress part) will be stripped down and placed inside what Joomla calls a wrapper. This means, if someone follows an old link, or if you want to look for an old story, you’ll simply hit the link for the old news and it will load inside a frame in the new site. Nice and tidy.

Anyway, I’ve been chugging away at the Galleria theme and working on the new site along side it. The site is far from done, but I have posted a small screen shot so you can get an idea of how it looks so far.

I’m toying with turning on the user registration system and offering some tutorials and even discounts to registered users, so if you think that’s a cool idea, post a comment here and tell me!