What? Hidden strokes too?

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Yes Keynote fans, it appears that Apple hid 5 more fancy stroke patterns from us too. If you read yesterday’s story and look at the FIRST frame in the pop-up menu, it looks like any other frame. If you choose it inside Keynote though, you’ll see that instead of a scale slider, it actually has a normal size and color changer, just like any other stroke. Who knew?

Smart Strokes

Anyway, there’s a sister file to the frames list file I mentioned yesterday (in the same location) called “BGGraphicInspectorSmartStrokes.plist” which controls the list of smart strokes. If you add the missing 5, you get a total of 6 size and color changeable strokes in your list (and it works WITH yesterday’s hack, at least on my 20″ screen).

Just so you don’t have to patch this yourself, We’ve provided a patched file for you.

Despite all the still missing features in Keynote, this hacking for hidden stuff is really fun!