Future projects and other thoughts…

Sunday, July 1, 2007

I thought I’d post a blog entry tonight, mostly since I haven’t posted anything in a long while and the site appears dead (Doh! I hadn’t noticed Ken posted a few blog entries regarding his new toy).

I’m currently working on an ipod/dvd version of PowerBlue. The reason this would be a different theme than the standard is that it will be tailored for TV (and to a lesser extent, the iPod). Many tv’s have overscan (unless you’ve gone HD) and people have quickly realized that with a normal theme, they lose a lot of info around the edges of their slides when viewing a DVD presentation on a regular TV set. This version of PowerBlue will take care of that. It will also be tweaked for TV colors with things like 10% black added to the white text to tone it down for tv viewing with less flicker (white is especially bad on a regular TV set).

I’m also working on a complete redesign of the “portfolio” themes from Keynote Gallery. I basically started with the original theme as an inspiration, but the final will be a vastly different. It will also be more of a niche theme, made mostly for presenting photos (but it will contain bullet and other standard layouts, just in case folks want to use it for presentations). I’ve also got a chunk of Frames 2 done, but it’s not anywhere near being ready for a release.

Past that, the only other things on the table are more tutorials for the site. I have a TON of ideas, I just need to force myself to sit down and write them out (complete with screen shots).