svg2key returns!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Not too long ago, I was checking some of the sites I use as resources (to keep my links updated) and found that all links to svg2key no longer worked! I double-checked my URL’s for correctness and then contacted the developer, David Astling. As happens often in the web world, changes in the real world affect the links we know and depend on. In this case, svg2key had ceased to be. But, thanks to some great folks that made it happen, svg2key is back and available for download.

In case you don’t know, svg2key is a command line tool that extracts shapes from scaleable vector graphics (SVG) files and outputs a Keynote 1 presentation file with the shape information inside. It’s able to do this partly because the code that defines an .svg shape was very close to the code that defines a Keynote shape and partly (thankfully!) because David wanted to do it! Because of his efforts, designers can use their graphics program of choice, export to .svg, then have their intricate artwork ready to be fully editable within Keynote.

Thanks, again, David!