I’m a slacker

Monday, March 26, 2007

yes, I’m a slacker. I let my blog go for weeks with no entries. To be honest, I actually have been busy enough that I forgot I even had a blog. In the last few months I have managed to make it to Nashville, TN twice, Las Vegas once (for Final Cut Pro level 1 certification) and Colorado Springs (to work for a client for a week at the Broadmoor, awwwwyeeaaahhh!). And I’ll be heading BACK to Vegas in a few weeks for the Apple NAB event (weee!).

In other news well…there’s be NO news on the Keynote front short of a few theme and extra announcements over the last few months. I have finally ordered a 17″ MacBook Pro so I can finally test out Keynote on a decent piece of hardware (and possibly take a look at Office 2007 to see what we’re in for when the Mac version ships later this year). I ended up getting the refurb of the current model, so no pretty box for me. Still, I saved a bundle and it’ll be a nice replacement for my 15″ 1.25 ghz PowerBook G4.

Anyway, look for more blog postings soon. I’m toying with some new story ideas and will likely hash them out in the coming weeks.