releases PowerBlue theme package

Monday, January 29, 2007 is proud to announce the release of their first new theme in two years. PowerBlue was created to be usable in jus about any presentation setting, while still being able to show off the greate Keynote style. The bold, blue gradient background and light graphical treatment of the Master slides stands out while not being too over-the-top like many Keynote themes.

The Basic PowerBlue package includes 32 Master slides in both Palatino and HelveticaNeue, plus a set of alternate Masters with different Title treatments (for a total of 4 theme files). As with all themes, there are loads of included extras (even a mini button making system), a full demo presentation file and several detailed tutorials. Also included is an advanced tutorial that explains how to replace the entire color scheme of the theme, allowing the user to create a completely new theme based on the current layouts.

The Full PowerBlue adds to the standard package a special PowerBlue Lecture theme (in both Palatino and HelveticaNeue), complete with editable running headers and footers on each Master slide. These can be easily edited to place lecture or class titles, so they don’t have to be added to each slide. In addition to the editable headers and footers, PowerBlue Lecture includes special Section slides, with special Title treatments, and even horizontal timeline layouts for creating custom timelines. Also included are timeline extras, a fill full of alternate header and footer treatments, and a detailed tutorial on how to use the Lecture theme.

PowerBlue is available for immediate download for $19.95 (Basic) or $26.95 (Full). More information is available at the PowerBlue product page