Interesting week…

Friday, January 26, 2007


I posted one little geeky story on Steve’s use of what was most likely a new version of Keynote and it spread all over the internet. You can find the story on the news page (I’m too lazy tonight to link it here). First macRumors posted it, then, then DaringFireball gave us a tiny mention (which totally shocked me) and there have been sightings in languages I can’t read all over the web. We got Dugg, but not enough to end up anywhere you could find us without searching hard (though I did add a Digg This plugin to our news system).

All this BEFORE I released the new PowerBlue theme. Too bad I wasn’t a little more prepared or I might have been able to ride the traffic wave. I’m hoping it continues a bit more now that the theme is actually up on the site for sale.

By the way, this is the first theme release in nearly two years for us. Now that I’m back in the swing of theme making, I hope to release a few more this year (or at least get all the old Keynote Gallery themes up for sale again). Also on the list of things to do is upgrade the news system to WordPress 2 (2.1 is already out). That should make things a bit nicer, at least for the comments (no more moderating the comments!).

Anyway, I had my brush with Mac fame, and managed to finally get a new Theme out for sale…overall it was a good week 🙂

UPDATE: We’re going to have a big sale coming Monday, but I noticed a few of you bought the theme already at the full price. I sent the coupon code to my Yahoo list, but forgot to post it here. Sorry about that! If you want a nice discount on anything and everything in the store, put in the code FIRESALE and you’ll save 25% off anything you buy. Also, look for the “Theme Collection” to be updated with the new theme (with a new price of $99.95). The press releases will go out Monday, but I’ll be updating things on the site over the weekend.