Sneak peek of our next theme…

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

With all the traffic coming from MacRumors today, I thought I’d post another blog entry. I’ve been working long and hard hours over the last few weeks, trying to get our new PowerBlue theme ready for release. It’s darn near ready, though I’ve hit quite a few little snags along the way (and in the process found a few Keynote bugs). The web page is nearly done, so I thought I’d post it here for our fans to take a look.


The tabs at the bottom of the page aren’t quite done, and of course there’s no price or link to the store as I haven’t even built the installers yet, let alone uploaded them. I’m in the midst of creating some demo slides for a sample QT movie, and then I have to finish making a tutorial that will come with the theme. As I’m already getting questions about the theme, you’ll see the last tab is for an FAQ. Some of the questions are things like, “Can I change the color of this theme?” or “what about circular cutouts?” Since those two are easy, I’ll answer them right here…YES, you can change the colors on this theme. All the photo cutouts are Keynote shapes with holes in them, so you can easily change out the background file in your .key package and the entire theme will change. As for the circular cutouts, with Keynote 3’s new Mask with Shape tool, you can easily mask your photos with a circle shape and add a shadow. It’ll look just like the photo cutouts that come with the theme. This works because the shadows of the cutouts are cast OUT away from the cutout and not inside it.

Anyway, look for a release in a few days (maybe even tomorrow if I can get the samples done). As always, expect a fair price for a whole lot of functionality and extras.

EDIT: We’ve posted the demo movie on that page now, so you can get an idea of what the theme looks like in action.
EDIT 2: Looks like we’re shaping up for a Monday release…we’ve got a few other goodies lined up too, so it should be an interesting day.