Blogging with the enemy

Thursday, January 11, 2007

First things first. Microsoft might not know digital audio players, but these CHAIRS are COMFY! I’d rather be here than in the press area anytime any day. So, now you know that there’s no iWork ’07 yet, let’s look at our other friends that we use to help us make fantastic presentations.

Kinemac is here with a new version that has some great new features and I got a runthrough of the app that should allow me to post some tutorials on how to create Keynote happy QuickTime movies. plasq is also here and, as you’d expect from the creators of Comic Life, they’re a great bunch of folx that have just released version 1.3 and and they’re pre-beta’ing new app called “Skitch”. It feels like it’s that dash of bitmap type editing that was missing from Comic Life, but with vector goodness! Hard to explain, but there should be more info forthcoming on that one. I got to meet Dave over at EazyDraw, still the only app that exports shape information as editable Keynote objects, and I got to speak with the developer of Lineform. That’s an app that I’ll be trying out for you. We also took a look at some of the new products from Digital Juice that, as always, look fantastic!

For presentation travelers, I found interesting bags from both RhinoSkin and Boom Bags. As a fan of minimalist good looking protection for my laptop, I like RhinoSkin’s approach to cases, especially the accessory pack that slides onto the case and the option to carry it on your back with backpack straps. Boom Bags are probably some of the sturdiest bags I’ve seen and if it was just that, they’d be fantastic. However, they also add an amplifier/speaker combo to each bag so that you NEVER have to fall back on shouting because the audio system in the room you’re using isn’t working.

I’ll be updating this post through the day, but I doubt it will be from a more comfortable seat! I’m going to check out a preview of Office 2008 to see how things are going over there.

Unfortunately, the preview of Office 2008 was only Word 2008 since, as the presenter commented, “Word is used more than any other app”. He spoke about some new features, but it really wasn’t much for someone looking to see how PowerPoint compared to Keynote.

Another thing I enjoyed seeing at this show was the great number of companies using Keynote in their displays. Some were more successful than others, but it was great seeing the wide usage at Macworld.