Techspansion releases VisualHub 1.19

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Visual HubVisualHub just keeps getting better and making owners of multi-processor and Intel machines even happier. A great tool for repurposing your Keynote presentations on virtually any platform, this release brings a major increase to the H.264 encoding speed on multi-processor macs. Enjoy the fun of seeing your system activity close to 200 or 400 percent! There’s also been an improvement in scaling quality for Intel macs along with other bug fixes.

Download and try out a demo of the software (limited to encoding approximately 2 minutes) from their “Try It” page to see if it will work with your content. Also review the detailed changelog to see all the most recent enhancements that have been added in the previous point releases. VisualHub is available for purchase for $23.32. Find out more at