TWiT TV shows off cool Keynote/Applescript tricks

Friday, December 22, 2006

TWiT 34If you’re a geek like we at are, you’re going to love this nifty trick. In this episode of TWiT TV’s MacBreak, Leo Leporte and Sal Soghoian show off some incredible automation using Keynote, a special AppleScript and some Mac speech voices from Cepstral. Instead of trying to explain this total coolness, just follow the link and see it for yourself:

MacBreak #34

What you’re going to experience is a Keynote presentation running automated via tags in eaceh slides notes, and being read by the Mac default voice (or the voice of your choosing). You’ll also hear a demo voice from Cepstral that makes the built-in OS X voices sound like a joke, and a very cool shouting voice that lets you create your own “Monster Truck Rally” type voice overs. Call us impressed.

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