Dekorra Optics releases EazyDraw 2.1

Friday, November 3, 2006

EazyDrawEazyDraw is a low cost vector drawing program that offers backwards compatibility with many Classic (OS9) Mac graphics formats so that your investment in legacy artwork isn’t lost. It also offers features that take advantage of the power of OSX. It’s a great choice for the user looking to create vector artwork, detailed technical documents and more. It’s also the only graphics program that exports directly to a Keynote document complete with editable vector shapes.

New in 2.1 is the ability to apply shear, skew, stretch and rotate distortions to images and other graphics. Also new are soft bitmap shadows for even higher quality drop shadows. Arrows support has been expanded with the inclusion of over 20 new arrow styles and the introduction of user defined arrow parameters. The Dash palette has seen similar refinements which allow users to define any sequence of line-space patterns. Shapes can now be applied along the path of any graphic as a “brush” (including a progressive sequential distortion transform applied to successive shapes). All this configuration is made easily accessible with the ability to save named settings for not only the arrows and dashes, but gradients, shadows and transforms as well. Users primarily creating large drawings and drawings with groups of thousands of graphics will see a significant performance increase and Smart Zoom has been added to the toolbar to display the zoom percentage.

EazyDraw is available via a 9 month trial license for $20 (which can be applied towards a purchase during the first two months) or a single user licensed digital download for $95. A download with CD is $115 and Classroom/Site licenses are available. Read more about the new features at