Purgatory Design releases Intaglio 2.9.1

Friday, September 22, 2006

IntaglioIntaglio is a drawing application powered by Quartz that taps into OSX’s CoreImage effects to allow access to many graphical effects as well as being able to open your old ClarisWorks, MacDraw II, MacDraw Pro files.

Patterns are now much easier to use. The new menus include dozens of predefined patterns and simple foreground/background color controls have been added to the pattern editor. Also new is basic slideshow presentation capability (integrated with ClarisDraw import). Supported formats have been beefed up with added support for CMYK and extended dynamic range images. New bitmap import and export formats include GIF and OpenEXR. Improvements have also been made for PICT image export for QuickDraw based applications such as Microsoft Word and graphics caching (for increased performance).

You can find out more at the company’s website. Intaglio is available for purchase online at PurgatoryDesign.com for $89 and is also available in five and ten license packs. The upgrade is free for all existing users and includes localizations for English, French, and Italian.