Techspansion releases VisualHub 1.1

Thursday, August 3, 2006

VisualHub allows you to convert your non-interactive Keynote presentation to many different formats, allowing you to use the right format at the right time for the right audience. This batch encoding tool brings the complex task of compressing video to any user.

You can create iPod, PSP, DV, AVI, MP4, WMV, MPEG-1, and Flash video with the click of a button from many common (and uncommon) formats. You can even burn hours and hours of video onto a DVD suitable for standalone DVD players. You can get around some problems when using non-standard video (AVI’s) in Keynote by reading in the file and exporting a QuickTime compatible MP4 file. The list of features new in this release includes:

Conversion from unencrypted VIDEO_TS folders

New MPEG output formats-
• TiVoGoBack – Use TiVo Desktop to put presentations on a TiVo.
• Generic Transport Stream
• HDTV 720p
• HDTV 1080i

PSP enhancements-
• If a memory stick is chosen as the destination, the necessary video directories are created automatically
• Choose custom titles for PSP videos
• Volume slider upped to 300%

AutoCrop globally or video-by-video.
Conversions can be paused/resumed.
Common encoding “cheat codes” are selectable within the Advanced panel.
Non-interactive Flash 6 (and lower) animation converted when QuickTime decoding is forced.
Limited support for converting EyeTV and iMovie project files.

Download and try out a demo of the software (limited to encoding approximately 2 minutes) from their “Try It” page. VisualHub is available for purchase for $23.32. Find out more at