Inventive releases iClip lite 2

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

iClip Lite 2iClip lite is a free Universal Binary Dashboard widget, designed in conjunction with the Widget Machine, and is a slick trimmed down version of Inventive’s iClip application.

Like the previous version, bins are deleted by clicking the delete button and clicking an arrow on the interface can store or retrieve contents from virtually anywhere in the OS. You can copy and store files, images, text and shapes from programs like Keynote, Pages and iWeb. New to version two is a Clipboard Recorder you can use to have iClip lite automatically record whatever you copy to the clipboard. Also new is an increase from 20 to 25 bins (25 bins were previously only available with iClip lite SE) and the widget can now be resized to fit the width of your screen.

iClip lite is a free download from