Divine Fiat releases Photo Options

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Photo OptionsPhoto Options is a set of themes and elements designed with an emphasis on photography. It consists of two themes, Darkroom and Light Box, as well as Photo Icons, a set of high quality photography-related extras.

As their names imply, Darkroom is well suited to darker backgrounds and Light Box looks great with light backgrounds. Both are made up of 76 different text and photo layouts with 4 aspect ratios for the photo cutouts; portrait, square, landscape, and panorama. Designed with flexibility in mind, the themes can be changed by simply altering the fill attribute of the cutout and background masters. Alter the color or use one of the included substitute backgrounds (11 designs, each in 7 colors) to give your presentation a personal touch.

The Photo Icons begin with a collection of photorealistic icons from the world of photography such as photographic media and hardware. Each icon includes a palette of colors and textures that help to ensure your charts, tables and other created elements match its subtle hues. Also included are primitives of each of the custom icons that are editable Keynote objects allowing control over their fill and stroke. Rounding out the shape collection are a set of shapes perfect for use as buttons and image backgrounds. Since all of the shapes are editable, you can mask your images with them using Keynote’s “Mask With Shape” and you can copy and paste them for use in Pages and iWeb.

Darkroom, Light Box and Photo Icons can be purchased individually for $19.95 or as part of the Photo Options collection for $44.85. For more information or to purchase Photo Options visit DivineFiat.com.