Jumsoft releases Keynote Stills 3.0

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Keynote StillsKeynote Stills is a set of high resolution photo images designed for use in Keynote (1, 2, or 3) but they can also be used with Pages, Microsoft’s PowerPoint 2004; anywhere you need to use illustration. The photo objects have transparent backgrounds yielding a great looking composition and the images range across business, education, science and everyday life.

Keynote Stills 3.0 requires Apple Keynote or Pages. the package is available as a download for $39. Buyers will also get the prior edition, Keynote Jam 1.1, for free with their purchase of Keynote Stills, over 260 objects total. Upgrading from Keynote Stills 2.x is $19. Keynote Stills is also available as a part of Keynote Quartet for $99 which also includes Keynote Themes 4, Keynote Animations 3, and Keynote Photos 2. Find out more at Jumsoft.com