The Omni Group releases OmniDazzle

Monday, June 19, 2006

OmniDazzleOmniDazzle is an application that enables you to use the power of OSX’s Quartz rendering engine to track the location of your cursor or highlight certain areas of your screen in practical AND fun ways. The included plug-ins can be configured to suit your personal preferences: change colors, make objects bigger or smaller or change the way the effect is activated.

We’ve tried the application with fullscreen Keynote presentations (once you activate “Allow Exposé, Dashboard and others to use screen” in the Slideshow Preferences) and if your graphics card has the power for it, it could become yet another way to stand out when giving a presentation. The included plug-ins are

Bullseye – places a a red and white target at your cursor point
Comic – places cartoon sound effects (that you personalize)
Cutout – allows you to draw shapes that join to highlight certain areas
Flashlight – follows your cursor like a spotlight
Focal Point – follows the current screen activity (requires Assistive device access to be turned on)
Footprints – follows your cursor with footprints
Pixie Dust – follows your curser with a shower of sparkles
Scribble – allows you to draw onscreen with 4 different pen colors
Sonar – overlays the screen with a green sonar that “pings” the cursor point
Waves – sends a wave pattern out from the cursor
Zoom – select an area of the screen and zoom into it

You can purchase OmniDazzle for $14.95. You can download a demo (limited to 1 hour) and find out more information at the OmniDazzle website.