The American Balloon releases PopCopy 2.1

Monday, June 19, 2006

PopCopy 2PopCopy extends the OSX Clipboard enabling the user to keep a running history of the most recently copied items available for use via either the menu bar OR, new for version 2, a convenient hot key interface (like OSX’s Command-Tab). Version 2 also introduces much better previewing of items in the PopCopy menu. Of particular interest to Keynote users, version 2.1 (released today) not only handles text, files and images seamlessly, but also maintains the ability to edit pasted shapes.

In version 2, a shape copied from Keynote and stored by PopCopy would be pasted as an un-editable bitmap. If you needed to alter the fill or stroke, you would have to re-create the shape. With version 2.1 you can now copy shapes to and from Keynote, Pages, and iWeb and still edit them.

You can try out a demo of PopCopy for free (your history will be limited to the last five items). You can purchase a full version for $14. Find out more at