Possible fix for Windows QuickTime 7 bug?

Monday, November 28, 2005

We’re not sure how we missed the solution back on November 14th, but here’s a link to the thread:
Keynote QuickTime Issues on Windows QT 7
The solution is near the end of the thread.

So what’s the big deal?
It seems that when Internet Explorer is set as the default browser in Windows, Interactive QT movies made from Keynote don’t work properly in QuickTime 7. The solution up to this point was to go back to using QT 6.5.2. User gillettebl found a better solution, which is to change the default browser to something else (in this case Firefox).

Here’s a quote from his post:
“Yup, the error manifests when IE is the default browser… but not if using Firefox. Try this: Start…Set Program Access and Defaults (or Start…Control_Panel…Add or Remove Programs; choose the lowest tab on the left), and tell it to use Firefox as the default browser.”

Another user points out that this is still a problem since most of the world won’t know to change their default browser, but at least it’s a good start to getting full interactive functionality on a Windows machine.