releases Candy 2 theme

Monday, March 28, 2005

candypreview (that’s us!) released a huge upgrade to their popular Candy theme today…

Candy 2 is nearly twice the size of Candy 1 and includes a totally new theme called Candy Blue. Based on the same feel, but sporting a new blue gradient look, you can now mix and match two looks in one presentation. or drop the stripes all together and go for blue alone. Also included are pages and pages of extras, including scalable/fillable/strokable objects that can’t can’t be created inside Keynote. We managed to get them in there for you, and we’ve given you a huge assortment to play with.

You’ll also find things like pulsing capsule buttons, animated objects, modifyable capsules (make them any shape you want) several button styles, chart overlays (give your pie charts a 3d look) and many other objects. We even managed to create a strokable/fillable version of our signature “little guy” so you can make him any color you like, or even outline if you want. Just to sweeten the package we included a countdown break timer that counts down from 10 minutes and then reminds your audience to return to their seats.

Also included is a custom photo slide creation system called Candy Machine. Pick a “blank” layout, then pick a cutout style and drop them into your presentation. Move the cutout around to your liking and cover up the seams with masking pieces.

Candy 2 can be purchased and downloaded from for $26.95. Upgrades for Candy 1 owners are just $10.00.

Check out Candy 2